Xavier J. Lopez

Artist Statement

When I think of the word art, I think of a liberating freedom of expression. When I think of myself as an artist, I think of myself in that exact way. I express myself freely and fearlessly. Although I enjoy creating portraits, as well as having a love for poetry, and interior design, I currently like to identify myself as an erotic artist. I have a desire for creating pieces that are very bold, because although to the general world it might be a “taboo” or “promiscuous”, I find sexuality very natural, I find it one of the most natural things us as humans do, whether people are open about it or not.

About a year ago, about 2016, I went to the Museum of Sex in Manhattan, New York, and out of all the history of porn and sexual behavior, I was mostly enchanted and in awe with the study of animals sexuality. Like most people, I initially thought that mammals only mated to reproduce offspring. Never in a million years did I imagine that certain animals perform oral sex, have orgies, are homosexual or bisexual, etc. It reminded me so much of us humans. It made me think of the reality that we are all sexual beings. 

Whether you are very conservative and don’t verbally express it, or you are more open like myself, we all have sex. As an artist, I like to bring this to life. Even though we live in a generation where everything is very sexualized, we are still also living in a time where we are shamed for expressing it. Women are shamed for casual sex as much as homosexuals are shamed for it. I think sex, as long as consensual, is one of the most natural forms of expression, it’s the way we communicate without even using words. My artwork is a series of concepts and images that most people are uncomfortable to speak about, but can’t help but to desire, it’s all a sexual fantasy.