It is difficult for me to identify what I've come to know in this moment in my life because the things that I thought I knew with good authority in many ways failed me this year. To the point where I felt I had lost my way and forgot who I was. So I'm not sure what I know as I navigate through all the experiences of 2015 the only thing I know to do as I examine the lessons, take in the memories and lean forward into the bright uneasy light of the new year is to trust. And I’ve come to know that trusting is a practice that will lead me higher.

Let me be clear, when I say trust, I don’t mean trust outwardly, I mean to trust inwardly, to hold the energy of trust in my day to day life. That looks like daring to believe in the divinity of who I am. I am learning to trust the process of my life, the same process that wakes me up in the morning, the same divine force that causes my hearts to beat without any conscious effort on my part. 

The time for faking it until we make it is over. If we really believe that it is true that we are children of God, then why don’t we actually stand up in all of what that means? Why don’t we trust that fact, if it is in deed a fact? Why don’t we take the value of our existence seriously, more than we have in the past? The idea that there is nothing but love for us in the universe… Why don’t we trust that idea? If God is within us why don’t we exercise that power in our lives all the time.

So when I say I am learning to trust. I am learning that there is a power within me that can transform everything I see in front of me and all the people around me. I must only believe and trust in the truth that it is within me, instead of ignoring or sleeping walking through the gift that is this very life. 

Last year there are many things I wish I would have done differently. All hell broke lose in my life last summer and my focus was on everyone and everything else. I talked about all the stuff going wrong, what I failed to do was trust. I forgot to trust that all things are working out for my good. That everything coming into my experience is love, no matter what situation it may be wrapped in. And so I’ve come to know that trusting is the same as remembering who you are. Not your name, status, or position, but who you are in your soul. It is remembering that your spirit is made up of the same stuff that the stars in the sky are made of. Trust the majestic sovereignty that is you, this is the New Year resolution, I’ve come to know.