☛ Eating 

- For your muscles to grow they need to be fed: morning, noon, and night. No meals should be skipped. The more you eat, the more results you will see after workout sessions. Make sure your meals are meaningful. Properly read labels to see what is in your meals. The food you eat for bulking should only have one ingredient; the food itself, i.e apples, chicken, broccoli, and brown rice. None of these super foods will have any ingredients The only thing inside of an apple is an apple. Also brown carbs are your friend. 

☛ Rest Up

- The power of sleep during your bulking stages is most just as important as hitting the gym. You want to make sure you give your body rest, besides sleep. Rest in bed for 4-5 hours if you can and just relax. Allow your body to get the proper recovery it needs from you after just going HAM on it. 

☛ Lift Heavy

- If you are trying to bulk why aren't you lifting anything ? A lot of guys I know and/or have heard say, "I only lift this amount when I come to the gym. It's my limit." If you are trying to bulk and truly trying to gain, you shouldn't have a limit. The only way togrow and expand is if you lift heavier. If you are lifting only 45 lbs, go up 10 more to 55. Growth only comes with more challenges. Challenge yourself! 

☛ Hire A Trainer

- If you want to bulk and you do not know how, invest in a trainer.  If you know someone that is into fitness ask to train with them. Fees may apply! You do not have to train with them forever, but invest in them for one to three good times. A smart man is a smart man, by knowing he doesn't know. Allow a trainer to show you the ropes. Let him/her teach you the proper way of lifting, because if your form is off you will end up injuring yourself. 

☛ Drop the statement " I Can't " 

- "I can't" should never enter the gym with you. “I can't” will never get you where you would like to be when it comes to fitness. You should go into the gym and WardBody every exercise someone throws at you, and/or if you threw it at yourself. Slow down, go fast, take a break but do not say "I Can't". Do not give up. Cry to get the s*** done. No one cares how you get it done. Simply get it done! For more info: WardBodyNYC.COM